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My name is Cain, a person who loves writing and rping. Am also a writer on Furaffinity http://www.furaffinity.net/user/rainbowsparkle91/, come check me out!


When Princess Celestia tasks the Mane Six with reforming the Spirit of Chaos, they aren't exactly thrilled about it. However, they are still determined to try... even if most think it isn't worth the time or effort.

But when they free him, Discord has other plans. He transports them to another universe, another world, locking away many of their memories and leaving them in a strange and different world in forms they aren't familiar with and their elements drained.

But luckily, Friendship really is magic, and there are those in this world who are ready and willing to help the Mane Six restore their memories, and the Elements of Harmony, so that they can return home.

And if their absence in one world and presence in another causes some chaos? Well, then a certain Chaos spirit is perfectly happy with that!

Takes place near the end of Book 1 of the Harry Potter series
This story is a revision of my original idea. The original idea never made it here, but I tweaked it to something I'm happier with.

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This story is on Indefinate Hiatus

When Frisk finally figured out the way to save everyone, to bring both of their friends back and reunite a family that had been suffering for so long, they'd expected to lead their friends and all of the Monsters out to rejoin the humans.

When they instead found a magical world full of candy colored Ponies, needless to say they were a bit surprised. Especially when Frisk and Chara both became Ponies themselves.

Undeterred, and being welcomed in by the Equestrians, follow the Dreemurr family and the many other Monsters as they make a new life for themselves on the surface with their new Equine neighbors!

Hello! This story is meant to be an Episodic series, with most of the chapters not being ones you have to read to know whats happened in prior ones. In this verse, Asriel and Chara both have been brought back but Chara and Frisk, the only humans, have become Equestrians. Frisk is a Unicorn, and Chara is a Pegasus.

I've got plans to introduce the ability for readers to create their own characters to have show up in the background or perhaps even as minor characters in episodes, and possibly even a chance to submit episodes if people show an interest in the idea.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy it!

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It seems like it's going to be another normal day in Cartown for Putt Putt, until a malfunction at Mr. Firebird's lab sends him to another dimension, and transforms him from a talking car to a unicorn colt.

Everything is not as it seems though, and Putt Putt will have to make a choice that will effect him for the rest of his life...

This is something random I came up with and may surprise you.

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Even after the Draining and the collision of their two worlds, work doesn't stop needing done, and the Apples are Ponies who understand this clearly. They keep on working hard at Sweet Apple Acres, lead by Apple Bloom who has grown into a fine young mare.

Sure, Big Macintosh may have to take things a bit easier since he's still recovering, but that's why they hired that New Foal, Sebastian. And it's also why they let Snips and Snails move in after a bad storm wrecked their house a year back.

Of course, the hard work always stops, if only for a little while, whenever a specially marked letter comes home to roost. Maybe this time, it'll carry a promise that a piece of the Apple Family Pie is coming back home.

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Day after day for some time now, Rarity has been tending to her sick and weakened mother, Cookie Crumbles, all while continuing to try and manage her own work through her own recovery from the damage the Draining brought to her. Some days are better then others, but the stress, physical, mental, and emotional, is slowly taking it's toll.

An unexpected visit from a long time friend however, shall change that, and help to remind Rarity that her mother isn't the only one in the house who needs some tender love and kindness.

This is another oneshot story for a TCB concept I've got churning away in my head. I'm going to try and write more for this and not make it something I just came up with only to drop. Anyone interested in helping with this concept I have please just send me a PM with the title "Worlds Collide Collab".

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Canada's first Conversion Bureau has just been completed, and Princess Twilight has been sent to oversee it's first few days of operations. Now she just needs to beat down her nerves and give the opening speech to the few hundred Humans and dozen or so Pony staff without making a single mistake.

This is a oneshot story for a TCB concept I recently had. I'm going to try and write more for this and not make it something I just came up with only to drop. Anyone interested in helping with this concept I have please just send me a PM with the title "Worlds Collide Collab".

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The following story takes place between Chapter 19 and the Epilogue of A Jewel of a Problem

Part of the Strifeverse

Unknown to Twilight, the Royal Council, or really anyone in Equestria, Princess Celestia has been using a powerful tool given to her by a dear friend to chart the path Equestria would take. This magical tool is a seemingly innocent book bearing the mark of the great Starswirl the Bearded, and within its pages is the ever changing tapestry of predictions and prophecies about the future.

It has proven invaluable countless times… but what will the greatest rulers Equestria has ever known do when the book gives one final, haunting prediction?

Written with the help of my Co-Author Pinklestia

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47 years ago, the world as we know it changed. On December 21st of 2012, the magical land of Equestria appeared on Earth and forever altered how we would view the world, the universe, and each other. It is now 2059 AD, or 47 AC (After Contact) and we are still feeling the effects of Equestria's presence.

Wishing to gain insight from both humans, her own subjects, and even Equestrians who were born within human nations, Princess Celestia tasks a young Pegasus from New York with a task. To collect and tell the tales of those who have lived through all the changes that have taken place, through all the trials and tribulations the last few decades have had to offer.

These tales come from all kinds, from the first human to set foot in Equestria to the very authors of the book itself. They are tales of joy, of sadness, of wonder and curiosity and of ignorance and hate. They cross the full spectrum of human and equestrian emotion to form something beautiful and wonderous.

And at the very core, one of the very things that has defined this century, for both mankind and ponykind:

The Conversion Bureaus.

Come with us as we forge the story of this Strange New World.

-Hey all, we're open to people willing to contribute. I wanted this to be a collab project anyways, and to really make this good we'll need anyone whose willing to take the time and effort to join us. Perhaps hopefully someday entire chapters will even be written by a single author!
Anywho, if you want to contribute, just send me a PM including how you would like to contribute. This story is written in several formats, as you'll see upon reading, so even if you don't feel like writing a chapter, you can still contribute. Fair warning though, this is a reconstruction of TCB, not a regular TCB or a deconstruction fic. As long as you remember that when your contributing, things should be fine.

Right now, I'd be greatly and deeply thankful for anyone who would be able to provide decent coverart. If your willing to do such, just send me or one of the co-authors or advisors a PM.

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The long awaited sequel to One Last Letter has arrived! Thanks to Somebody for pre-reading and editing!

Princess Luna faces a difficult burden as she tries to find a way to save Equestria from Discord's reign of chaos. As her attempts to quickly find a way to best the Draconequus and free her sister from his control fails, she begins to consider a possible solution. To embrace that which she had become in the past, only this time for the good of all creatures. But is it worth the risk? Luna must quickly decide which path she will take in her quest to free Equestria, but she must be willing to face the consequences of her choices.

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Note from the Author (3/28/2021)-
Please do not comment on, thumbs up, fave this story, or add it to any bookshelves. Years later in all honesty I'm not happy with this story or how I ultimately wrote it. The only reason I don't delete it is because it got featured and because so many folks have it in their bookshelves already.

Hello. If you're reading this, you somehow found my message. Hopefully you are a fellow Brony, and will not simply assume this is the insane ramblings of a crazy person.
Oh, I suppose I should introduce myself, this story is about me, I guess. The name's Cain. Nice to meet ya.
Now, getting to the point of why I sent this out. Ya see, a few months ago, I had a rather unsettling experience. My mind was ripped from my body on Earth and transported to wherever it is our beloved Equestria lies. Normally, this would be nothing to worry about, as it seems to happen all the time, but frankly, this time was different. Instead of being sent to Equestria as a human, or nay, a pony, my mind was placed inside the body of an Equestrian.

Unfortunately for me, it happened to be Diamond Tiara.

Yeah...not what I was expecting either. Now, quick, before the message fades, get me some help!!

Looking for Co-Authors!
Helpers-Hoopy McGee,CloneBurner, RemareShadows,
shagohad12, Dusty the Royal Janitor

Inspired by Hoopy McGee's Why am I Pinkie Pie?!

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