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Based off of Moonie shorts [Filly Nightmare Moon], Chapter 95 Fate Conspires.

After watching the events of an alternate timeline where an adult Nightmare Moon was taking care of a child Anon, they get curious as to how that situation actually came to be. They watch and see how the alternate version of themselves first met. This also gets Trixie a bit curious as to how the version of them she knows met, and points out that they had promised to tell the story some time. And it seems this is that time.
As Trixie was about to throw Anon and Moonie out of her wagon, Anon convinces her to let them stay be agreeing to tell her the story. Though it's not much different from what she had seen in the alternate timeline, The story of how they met was still touching to her.

This is essentially my version of how the events in that alternate timeline would have happened in this timeline. Functionally, this acts as Chapter 95.5

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Nightshade is a thestral who was transferred from the Lunar Guard to Twilight's royal guard. Like Scootaloo, he was an orphan. And that bond of understanding is why he adopts Scootaloo. Also like Scootaloo, he has issues that he has to work through. Though they are not the only ones with issues. Rainbow Dash also has her issues to work through as well, having secrets about her past that she is ashamed of.

Scootaloo is a pegasus filly who has trouble flying and is a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Like Nightshade Scootaloo is an orphan. Though she has trust issues, that bond of understanding will perhaps be what helps break through her shell. But though she has her issues, she realizes that Nightshade also has issues. And she learns that holding in your feelings can be harmful.

Rainbow Dash is a pegasus who's the winner of the Best Young Fliers competition as well as being a Wonderbolt. On the surface, she is confident in herself. However, nopony can keep up a facade like that forever. And secrets about her past, and her bond with Scootaloo, are revealed. And those secrets may jeopardize her bond with Scootaloo. But those secrets, as painful as they may be, has to be explained to understand her reluctance to adopt Scootaloo herself.

[I didn't have any prereaders or editors for the first chapter. But Chapters 2 and up are preread by THMXTaylorLee. Anyone else who's willing to preread/edit are welcome to contact me.]

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This story is a sequel to Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger

In the year 2258, Randolph Edwards, captain of the Arrow 18, was stranded on the planet when Luna saved him from an explosion. Though his life was saved, he had lost his legs, and any chance to get back home any time soon.

After extensive research to ensure the proper parts won't fail, selecting a group to send, and training said group, Global Space Agency has sent a new team to the mysterious geocentric planet and retrieve Captain Edwards.

The Arrow 19, like it's predecessor, is lacking a proper crew count. With the majority of the funding going to making sure the systems didn't cause a catastrophic failure, the funding for a crew was low. Thirteen is far from a proper crew, but it's more than the predecessor had.

It has been 4 1/2 years since Randy last saw another human, and is excited about being able to go home.

This is the unofficial sequel of Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger by AdmiralTigerclaw. In need of cover art.

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When Twilight Sparkle travels to Las Pegasus out of boredom, looking to see what other libraries may have to read (seeing as she has read every book in her library already), she meets a mysterious librarian who gives her mysterious documents that are supposedly the "real" history of Equestria and the princesses. Out of curiosity, she took the documents to see what they have to say.

What will Twilight do when she learns that the history of Celestia and Luna was a lie? What will Celestia do when Twilight learns the truth about her true past? What will Luna do when she learns that she is not truly who she believes she is? Celestia holds many secrets that she's not even willing to tell her own sister.

But Celestia is not the only one who knows about her dark secrets...

This is a reboot to my original "The Dark Defender" and "Project Cyba" series'. Takes place 5 years after the Season 6 finale.

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Celestia tends to be cranky when she's stressed. So when Discord wakes her up to complain about feeling like Fluttershy has been ignoring him. She doesn't take it well. After a heated argument, a magical mishap between the two causes them to regress in age.

You are Gene, a twelve year old pegasus filly who was orphaned and taken in by Fluttershy. And when a magical mishap happens between Celestia and Discord, you now have to deal with an even more immature form of Discord (assuming it's possible for Discord to be more immature than he already was). You and Discord never got along well in the first place. And you realize that just because you're now bigger and stronger than he is now, he's still a pain in your flank.

And between Dissy, your'e adoptive mother Fluttershy now a single mother taking care of three children, and Anon's own issues with Tia, life is certainly not going to be the same.

Inspired by Moonie Shorts by Eighth. Anon's point of view can be found in Little Tia.

Chapters (2)

Celestia tends to be cranky when she's stressed. So when Discord wakes her up to complain about feeling like Fluttershy has been ignoring him. She doesn't take it well. After a heated argument, a magical mishap between the two causes them to regress in age.

You are Anon, a member of Luna's royal guard and a unicorn with a special talent for transference magic. And when a magical mishap happens in Celestia's quarters, you become charged with being little Tia's new caregiver for when Luna is busy with her royal duties. And you soon learn that Tia was not an easy filly to take care of.

And between Tia, Luna having no experience with raising children, and Fluttershy's issues with little Dissy, life is certainly not going to be the same.

Inspired by Moonie Shorts by Eighth. Gene's point of view can be found in Little Dissy.

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Twilight Sparkle was at Canterlot one day to get the prototype design for a project she worked on a few years ago with an old friend from the Cloudsdale Institute of Robotics and Technology. As she was getting the prototype, she met up with her old friend, Dark Angel. Together, they chose to work together to finish the project that they worked on together those few years ago...Project Cyba.

Cyba, the android pony (or "mechapony") was designed by Twilight and Dark Angel as an AI program capable of learning and interacting with other ponies...even if he does have allot to learn about actually being able to interact with others. Like anypony who's considered as "different", there are ponies who are prejudice against Cyba. But also like any other pony, Cyba also makes friends...and even finds that a filly fall in love with him.

Twilight and Dark Angel are amazed when they find how well Cyba has been learning. They even find out that his programming has been rewriting itself in order to accommodate what he's learned. There was even a program that allowed him to react to certain stimuli correctly as well, including reacting to other ponies' emotions.

However, things take a turn for the worse when his programming becomes more than what the original AI program was designed to handle. And the most destructive program to his system was a program that allowed him to feel actual emotions.

I listed this as rated Everyone since I highly doubt I'll have any adult themed scenes. However, I may write in scenes that may possibly push the limits of the rating. If I do happen to make a scene where you feel it's not suited for everyone, let me know and I'll change the rating to Teen.

This story has two inspirations. The first is the fanfic Harmony Harmony http://www.fimfiction.net/story/28016/Harmony-Harmony by Jenova2. The second is an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation when Data built himself a daughter.

This turn out to be a sad story. So if you intend to read, have about a dozen boxes of tissues ready. Here's an example of your reaction to this story http://youtu.be/bkws0Mr7Toc

Image by Tsitra (this is not actual cover art, it only gives the feel of technology that the story has).

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Princess Celestia has told Twilight that Daxelia was an orphan that she had taken in. But that's not the whole story. Every year, Celestia returns to West Fillydelphia on the night that her's and Luna's friend died. But it seems that Celestia has a second reason to return. Daxelia's parent's died on that same night.

Daxelia has lived a good normal life, regardless of her living in a rather run down part of Fillydelphia. Although, she does have these bursts of magic when she's surprised. However, on her 5th birthday, her life goes spiraling down hill. She loses her parents, she gets foalnapped, she has to spend 2 months walking back home, she finds out that she has no home anymore, her friend has left, and her only home is a fort that she made with her friend.

But even though her life has seemingly gone down the drain, it seems there is someone watching over her, making sure she has food and water. It seems that she has...a guardian angel.

Rated Teen for murder.

(NOTE: I decided to separate 'Dax's Despair' from 'The Dark Defender' since this is her story no matter what story Dax is in. And I may choose to delete The Dark Defender entirely.)

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There is a new threat in Equestria...the Shadow Ponies. And they are much more dangerous than any previous foe. The Shadow Ponies are lead by an evil entity that the Mane 6 thought that they were rid of for good...Nightmare Moon. In order to stop this new threat, the Mane 6 will have to find and team up with a pony that is said to be no more than a legend...the Dark Defender...who happens to be a shadow pony himself.

But how will the Mane 6 defeat the new form of Nightmare Moon...if her destruction would mean the death of an innocent filly?

Chapters (6)
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