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My Predictions for "Where the Apple Lies" · 4:29am Oct 3rd, 2016

I never did a blog post about Viva Las Pegasus. But two things in that episode that happened were what I predicted would happen. (As a side note, the day that episode aired was the same day as I left on a trip to Las Vegas. And the hotel featured in the episode resembles Hotel Circus Circus, the same hotel I stayed at. Hotel Circus Circus is known for it's indoor amusement park.) Anyway, the two things that happened that i predicted were that the episode would actually act as a redemption story for the Flim Flam brothers, and that Flim and Flam wouldn't actually change their ways.

It's the fact that I got two out of two predictions correct that's the reason I feel I could be onto something with my predictions (since it's not the first time I've called predictions like that before). So I'd like to share my predictions with you. And if I'm right in my predictions, then spoiler warning.

For the Wikipedia description for the episode, it states...

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