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Crimson Brush

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Crimson Brush opens her new store in the small town of Ponyville. Most ponies wouldn’t think there's anything unusual about a store that sells hairbrushes, but it doesn’t take long for some to find out that well-kept manes aren’t all Crimson is promising...

((Contains spanking and possibly explicit scenarios, but no actual sex.))

Note: As of 2013-06-19, chapters 1-6 have been edited and revamped by Triskelion. While the stories themselves are much the same, he has done wonderful work to fix mistakes, and make the stories a bit more engaging and insightful.

“I love how the use of spanking is more than a fetish and rather a conduit for ponies to get lacking discipline into their lives and feel better for it.” – J_Steelwing

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