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I, an ordinary high school senior, get dumped in the desert outside of Appleoosa after a particularly boring bout with Precalculus. What do I do? Read to find out.

I regret nothing. Of course, the universe is someone else's: (Because highschool me wasn't very original.) It's based in the Savage Skies universe, which was originally created by moguera.

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The Vanu Sovereignty has found an ancient alien complex beneath the surface of Auraxis. The data they extracted from this object contains information about the highly advanced civilization that once populated Auraxis, the very same civilization that was directly responsible for the creation of the Sovereignty, and many of its technological advances. The High Priestess, the leader of the Vanu, takes this discovery and the information to be a sign. A sign that if the population of Auraxis is to survive, they must leave the planet and take to the stars.

The fascist Terran Republic is hot on the Sovereignty's heels. They want what the Vanu have, and they will stop at nothing to get it. Some have speculated that the Vanu may have finally found the coordinates of the lost home world of the human race; Earth.

The New Conglomerate, a collection of megarich corporations and capitalist enterprises, is willing to fund and assist the Vanu Sovereignty after the Vanu trick them into thinking that they have the coordinates to Earth. A half-truth, but, in the Sovereignty's eyes, the only way to walk the Path; the Path to the Stars. The Vanu do indeed have the coordinates of Earth, and they've had them since their founding. Only when one of the best infiltrators in the NC military dissapears through an alien portal do the New Conglomerate leaders suspect treachery.

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