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I'm a comedic Australian 'writer', I don't really write that often, and when I do I'm usually unsuccessful. But what ever, it's all in good fun!


I'm a comedic 'writer' who occasionally opens a Google Drive document and writes about 3 words, decide I don't like it, delete it, then go back to Xbox.

And I enjoy teasing people who botch the English language, even though they know proper grammar. If English is your second language or you're illiterate, than I have no beef with you, but if you know grammar and decide not to use it than I hate you.

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Cancelled my long abandoned stories (My Princess, My Godess, My Daughter) · 1:22am Dec 6th, 2018

Hey guys,

I'm sure most of you have forgotten, because I did, but I had two stories on "Hiatus", and I've now changed that to cancelled. I realised that I wasn't going to actually write anything any time soon, and so I thought I might as well cancel them, I may come back to them, probably not.

Anyway, here's a basic summary of the rest of My Princess, My Godess, My Daughter:

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things i cri evry tiem 2

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alright. i just noticed one of my stories had been added to it and it pissed me off to be honest. This was the one: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/345001/friday-the-thirteenthcamp-everfree

I made that page and abandoned it. The idea was that shkt posts and really, really bad stories would be added to it. I've been quite absent on this site so I'm not quite sure what's going on with the page, to be completely honest

Explain to me what warranted my story being added to " that was a load of shit".

A big thanks for the fave of Blood Curse Hunters my dear, may you enjoy the chapters to come.

Thank you for faving The Dizzitron Hypno Betting Pool.
Want to place your bet? :pinkiesmile:

  • Viewing 68 - 72 of 72
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