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Death Moon

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Set during the episode "Gossip a Ponyville" title with which Italy is known episode Ponyville Confidential.

Princess Luna reading an article in "Chewing chat" is arrabia to unleash against the city of Ponyville the most ancient creatures who are under his orders to punish the writer, but that people love blood and shadows of the situation beyond the control of all .

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A long time Nigthmare Moon wanted to create life from a star in the sky and now Death Moon, son of Nigthmare Moon, daughter of Princess Luna, you are aroused ready to fight Celestia.

Caution contains a short citation in Past Sins.

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It is said that once there was a town called Dite whose inhabitants are known in the world as shape-shifting statute did the good and the bad weather of the whole earth.
But one day the queens pony united in a great army and went to war to the city.
For nine years the war dragged on until victory smiled on the ponies and their allies, and this is the story of the last days of the war furriosa.

Inspired by the Iliad of Homer and Virgil's Aeneid, I also tried to use the same system used in the epics of verses mentioned above but I am afraid that I have not succeeded well.

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After the defeat of Nightmare Moon, the young Princess Luna is living in a completely new world devoid of some of its powers and here is a narrated history of the period that precedes the night of nightmares.

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That the legends in the heart of the forest near Ponyville live two giant beings from time immemorial. No one has ever dared to investigate but the time of the myth is over and the truth is going to turn out.

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