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Epic gamer, funny, loves eating, sleeping, making people laugh, Lots of fun, music enthusiast, editor, adviser, etc. I hope you enjoy what little I have to offer...

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Spike decides to take a leaf from Big Mac's book by speaking as little as possible to see if that will finally spark Rarity's interest in him and a relationship

Yes this is Sparity; No, I'm not sure it will be clop... This is full pony, no anthro or humanized... This could be a one shot, or I could add several chapters depending on the feedback I receive.... Constructive criticism and advice strongly appreciated, and I hope that this turns out well...
Also, if I do add clop it will only be a single chapter, and that chapter will not be necessary to read to understand the rest of the story... kinda like a deleted scene I guess... -shrug- Anyway if you do feel the obligation to downvote, please at least read it first and leave a legitimate response as to why; so I can focus on improving this, it is my first fic after all... (Also, if I somehow manage to attract the attention of an artist, I would LOVE to have some artwork made for the cover. and you would get full credit for the art obviously.. that is all, please commence reading!)

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