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Yo, look, Scatter's alive! · 4:50am Mar 20th, 2016

Just to assuage any worries, I'm not dead. I have been sorting through some pretty unstable emotional and societal worries. I've been working two jobs since my last upload and it is kind of draining on a spiritual level that the second job is a piece of shit part time gig I planned to dump five fucking years ago.

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Possible delay · 10:59pm Nov 16th, 2014

A head's up for everyone, the next chapter of Snowfall may be a bit late. I know it was supposed to be coming out this week, but the semester is winding down and I have final projects galore that need completion. Sadly, school must come first, so it may take an additional week to get out the next chapter. Thankfully, Thanksgiving break is soon upon us, so I'll have some free time to get it done, reviewed, and out for public enjoyment!

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