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Dusk to Dawn: A tale of Innocence Part 1 · 4:58pm Jul 28th, 2012

Is being planned. I'm on 250 words already and I've not even started! It's gonna be a great saga.

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Urgh. Writer's Block! · 8:49am May 6th, 2012

So yeah, I'm having problems lately, but plan to get ahead with chapter four of Rainbow Factory soon. MY BRAIN HATES ME!

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Wow! · 7:52am Mar 29th, 2012

Nearly at a million!
Estimated Words Read: 828,811

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Start Part Two. · 6:06pm Mar 16th, 2012

It’s time.
The second act.
I’m ready.
My skirt flows around my feet and I grab a tankard in my left hand. The funny curved glass feels rough and wet due to my sweating hands. It’s not nerves. I’ve done this so many times I could act it in my sleep. Maybe it’s adrenaline.
Ah yes. Oom pah pah! My favourite song. I stand in freeze, tankard up, smile tense as usual. You try grinning when your heart is breaking.

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Oliver! · 5:44pm Feb 20th, 2012

I love the buzz of showbusiness. The nerves as you line up, bowls ready, faces melancholy, caked with makeup. As you shush the idiots whacking each other with props, you feel that worry that the audience can hear you. And then the overture. It’s grand, and a powerful start. Suddenly the ‘dum dum dum dum’ of ‘Food, Glorious Food!’ comes out. Stomping and singing, you’re out in the open. Then… the magic begins.

(Going into first person now. Second is too hard to remember.)

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