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Need Help Going... Manestream! *GASP* · 2:07am May 17th, 2012

So I've noticed lately that stories about of of the mane 6 having sex or Twixie or Twilestia usually get a ton of views in a short amount of time. For this reason, I have decided to go manestream with my next clop fic. I will take on any kind as long as it's a popular one. I really am proud of my other, peculiar fics, but I would like more followers because I'm a pretentious asshole who likes attention. So shoot me some ideas and the most common one will be chosen. I will also make it hilarious

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I miss your stories :raritydespair: but I'm glad you are probably doing things with your life instead of still writing shitfics like some people:applecry: who haven't gotten out

*See's your comment on poultron's user page... laughs ass off. Read a story by you... laugh even harder. Comments on your page*

As an author of clopfics, I suggest you read some of my fics! Also, try to make your stories have STORIES even if their clop fics. You'll know what I mean when, and if you read my fics.

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