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Hello? Is this thing on? · 11:10am Dec 23rd, 2013

Hmmm... it's been what? 6 months since I've shown any activity whatsoever? Geez that's really sad. However I am turning 1 year old on Fimfiction in about a week (or maybe it's 2 years, honestly I have no clue.) As you can see I'm still alive, so if you were concerned, don't be. As far as writing goes I started like 5 different one shots and have halfway completed most of them in the past 6 months, however my change in major at school, my added responsibilities at home, and my terrible work

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Some writings, Look at them maybe? People seemed to like them, sometimes.

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Right I forgot that some people sleep around this time. Alright it's been nice chatting with you too. Goodnight and don't be a stranger.
:fluttershysad: if that's okay with you of course

269002 I can see that one.:ajsmug:
It's been fun conversing, but I really, really need to get some sleep before Chemistry Class tomorrow. Goodnight:ajsleepy:zzz

I suppose the spacing in Sweetie Belle's name does leave it open to speculate that Sweetie is her first name, same with Rainbow Dash. I actually rambled about that shortly in a blog. I often use Octavia as an example because she has many last names. Strings is very common, however I prefer Philharmonica as it both sounds nicer and seems to fit her established personality.

268990 Yeah, it's interesting how the scriptwriters came up with that convention and then didn't use it half the time, leaving it completely open for fanfics. One of the ways I wanted to differentiate Rarity was that in the show she wasn't ever able to get away from her parents so she acted like they weren't there, whereas in my story she did go away and therefore clung to them (like you said about wanting what we don't have).

Names are fascinating things. They don't change a thing, but they can change how we look at it.

Think nothing of it, I probably would have stared at the 3 paragraphs I wrote yesterday for an hour, wrote 2 more and closed it back up. You didn't slow me down much.

I think it's interesting that you chose Belle to be a last name. It has always fascinated me what other writers decide upon for their last names

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