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Thank you for the faving...!


Thank you for the fav! :rainbowkiss:

thanks for the fave on Don't Be Too Hasty! :yay:

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A Box.

Yes, this is a box. And because you took the effort to scroll all the way down here, you get to read it!

At first, I didn't know what I was going to do with such a pointless-- I mean interesting box, but then I said "What the hay? Let's talk about the box itself."

It is a useful box. Is it cardboard? No. Is it heavy? Probably not. Does it hold things like a cardboard box? In a way, I guess you could say it does. A cardboard box can hold things like shoes, videotapes, records, and LEGOs. It can also hold books, and books contain words. This box also contains words, so, in a way, yes, it is somewhat like a cardboard box.

I wonder how many cardboard boxen it would take to hold all the words on this site...

That would be alot of boxen...

Anywho, I'm completely aware you may or may not care for this box, but it's a box, nonetheless. That alone makes it slightly cool.

If you are tired of reading this box at this point, you should stop now.

I decided to put this random box here simply because I felt like doing so. It gave me mental satisfaction to know that I made another box just for the sake of making a box.

Who likes boxen? I do. Who doesn't? I honestly don't have the best guess. A box does not need to be liked, I'm just curious if anyone else does. Actually, I'm not curious at all.

This box can do wonderful things. It could display a whole story if I wanted it to, but instead I chose to write about the box itself, as you can see.

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