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I'm back, I guess

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  • Birthday Wishes Scootaloo's eigth birthday is coming up soon, and her life is going pretty well. Sure, she can't fly and doesn't really have any friends, but she has two parents who love her and a nice home. What more could she want? by ShootingStar159 21,080 words · 2,822 views · 174 likes · 2 dislikes

I need some motivation · 12:17am Dec 24th, 2013

God, I just can't get the motivation to write, every time I have some free time to write, I do something else instead. That's always been the case really, but this is really bad now.

I don't want to put the story on hiatus, and I don't have any intention of cancelling it or to quit writing. I just need something to get me going. I just need someone to tell me to get at it, cause they want to know what happens next. I dunno, just yell at me or something, that usually works.

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Leave some for me, Lilith911! :raritywink:

*scoots closer*
What's the matter? cat got your tongue :pinkiecrazy:

613693 Oh, yes, yes, it's... uh, it's more than enough. Heh heh... heh. Uh, thank you. So much. I'm just gonna... go stand over there.

But is it enough :pinkiecrazy:

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