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Time to man up. · 1:31am Aug 25th, 2013

Recently, I've looked over my profile, and I realized something. Despite having written the main bio when I joined in December of last year, I haven't posted a single story since, as I mentioned in it. I have no idea why I haven't yet. I think it's because i'm a bit worried about it being crap, and then people saying I suck. But y'know what?

So yeah, I might be working on a story soon. Do I have a:
Premise? No.
Ideas? No.

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I was just looking at a story and saw your pic and I just notice its that gorriaz band, awesome :pinkiehappy:
I also had the same problem thinking that people wouldn't like the story I'm doing. You shouldn't be afraid of making a story cus some peoples gonna hate it, every story is gonna have dislikes on it. So go on getting making a story if you have one. :yay:

P.S - DAT VIDEO on you blog I was in LOLz after that :rainbowlaugh:

703629 Lol Thank you, though I think there are much, much better writers than me. :rainbowlaugh::twilightsmile:

254943 You are a talented writer, after all! (Okay, now I'm just kinda sucking up. I cant help it, I have a great respect for good writers. :twilightblush:)

703621 Heh, it took me long enough. Why wouldn't I follow you? :rainbowlaugh:

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