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Bright Steel. Born and raised in the Everfree forest by his changeling father. Learns to cope with with the crazy ponies that make up Equestria.
The trade of the blacksmith is a trade that had pretty much died out when unicorns could figure out how to control metals with their magic. Bright Steel refuses to let tradition down and intends to keep the manual side of blacksmithing manual.
With bad experiences in the past with ponies can Bright learn to forgive and forget or forever hold a grudge.

this would't have been possible with out my editor BubuJones who has been the best :)
on a side note this is my first fimfic and probably won't be able to update as quick as most others can

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Scootaloo finally breaks. She has taken what life has thrown her. But it became too much. She has to deal with it in more ways than one. She feels lost and alone. She doesn't understand what's happening. What she doesn't know is that help is always just a hoofstep away.

This is the first fic I'v posted so constructive criticism will be apreciated.
The pic is just one I found on the internet by the way

Edited by the awesome BubuJones

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