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AlbinoThunder will soon realize that his talents lie in penguin clubbing rather than actual writing.


Why, hello there! The name's AlbinoThunder. I write stuff! Cool stuff! Unless you hate me. Then it's crappy stuff.

Feel free to ask me things in the comments! I'll answer them the best I can!

Crap I Write!

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I love writing Romantic Disasters as much as much as everyone else enjoys reading it. However, what with everything going on, its been getting hard for me to spend a good amount of time spending on a chapter. Plus, I also want to give both of my stories an equal amount of attention, which is why I've been alternating chapter work between RD and TBA. Trust me, I love to entertain my fans, and chapters are coming, just don't expect them to be released so close together.

PS Thanks

Don't want to beat on you, Alibno, But why would you not be focusing your writing time on Romantic Disasters? From the looks of it and an extremely accurate chat, your fans want that fic! Are you not aiming to please your fans, brother?

P.S You deserve more than just thirty followers.

Thanks for posting that dude! It was amazing!


985875 And a fond farewell to you too, newly found friend!

985866 Heh nor is it mine see ya round!

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Romantic Disasters: Revengeance · 4:15am Aug 17th, 2014

Man, I probably should have posted this a while ago. But, internet crapped out and, of course, Comcast is all to blame for this. But, that's not what this blog post is about!

That's right, folks. I have returned from my 50 day journey to Egypt to kill a time stopping vampire and am finally back in front of a laptop, ready to get down to business.

First things first, Twilight's Bizarre Adventure Chapter 5 is coming. Don't ask me when. Cause I don't know.

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