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[Normal][Sad][OC Pony][Slow Romance]
Full Size Cover image: http://zoltrioundz.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4c5o8y

Indigo Flash hasn't had the best life. In fact, while he was just a young colt, his entire life started unraveling at the seams. He lost his parents, was driven away from the other ponies his age, and wound up forced into a job that had nothing to do with his special talent, just after he found out what it was. Over time, he learned to live with it, and his life seemed to stabilize, perhaps even become normal. Which made it all the worse when everything falls apart in a single day, and he is left without even the ability to control his own fate.

Once everything is ripped away from a pony, can he ever return his life to the way things were? And even if he can, is it still worth fighting for?

~Compiled and edited by Twilight Sparkle, Royal Librarian

(This is a work in progress, and will be until completed. Please see my blog entry for more details :3 )

Chapters (8)
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