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First story complete! · 11:42am Dec 13th, 2012

Just got around to finishing something I started in January. Except it ASAP.

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    Heya! Thanks for faving Hungry for some Pie! :D

    Oh, you're referring to the DeviantART incident where some poser (who so happened to be my "angel" of a little nephew) got a little too much time on his hands around Christmas Break and decided to have a little fun with my work?

    I am terribly sorry for any displeasure he may have caused you. As expected, when I have to babysit him, he is no longer allowed any internet privledges. I don't know where he got the idea from, but I guess he's more of an HP Geek than an iSheep. But all that aside, none of it is real, none of it is even likely to be real, and none of it is likely going to come close to being real. As a systems and software engineer at HP, I can safely tell you this.

    All that aside, I have just one more thing to tell you: I've been contacted a lot about a Facebook account associated with those incidents, mostly asking if I am that person, but I can assure you that it is not valid nor correct because:

    A). This profile holder's avatar is a horse. I live in downtown San Francisco, so I doubt there'd be any room for a horse.

    B.) This profile holder appears to be a kid.

    C.) I have no FaceBook account.

    Again, I am so terribly sorry for any inconvenience he might have caused you. Please, have a good day, and thank you for contacting me about this so that I might clear it up with you.

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