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(Many thanks to Dalek Ix, Arkalest and Wakka for helping make this happen)

Ninety six years ago, before the return of Nightmare Moon, a strange alien exploration probe landed on the world of Mundus, on the continent of Equestria. Uniting efforts, the griffons, ponies, zebras and minotaurs cracked the probe and shared the spoils with one another. Advanced technologies were found, advanced technologies that kick-started the Industrial Revolution of Mundus. The races lived together in harmony, and a new age of prosperity descended upon the world.

Regretfully, they did not heed the warnings that came with as much as they should have. Warnings from a long lost race once called 'Humanity'. Warnings of the Ethereals, and their mad plan. They did not train their armies, prepare their peoples, refine their technologies with speed and fervour. All that was done was the creation of a pact. A pact, and the XCOM Project.

Six years after the return of Nightmare Moon and Princess Luna, the Ethereals have arrived. In response, XCOM has been reactivated, as dictated by pacts almost a hundred years old. They know of mankind's struggles. They know of mankind's mistakes. But will they find victory where countless others have found failure? Only one thing is certain.

The Enemy has Advanced.

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