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Discord, queen Chrysalis, and king Sombra leave their animated world in search of an eaiser conquest. But as they make the jump into the nearest universe, they accidentally activate a failsafe designed to prevent trans-dimensional joyrides. As the Particle Accerelation Reality Transfer comes online, it chooses a host. A human host.

The P.A.R.T. alone holds too much power for one being alone. And that's why it's not just a device.
It's sentient. And it has quite the personality.

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It's just a normal day in Ponyville. Everything is fine. But when Twilight sparkle finds a new spell, she accidentally becomes a strange creature. As far as anypony can tell, there's a hairless monkey in the library! Can Twilight fix what she has done? Or will she forever remain...a human?

Please welcome my good friend The Eccentric Mr. E! He will be joining us as a co-author. Don't forget to check his great stories out too!

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Shockwave was a completely normal Pegasus. He rarely spoke, and kept to himself. But inside, he feels special. And then he finds himself in another world completely.

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For my entire life, I've had the same dream over and over. Falling to the ground. I get so comfortable with falling that it becomes fun. I wouldn't even notice it. And then it kills me. But I keep falling.

Chapters (30)
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