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Soarin' had a life that any stallion would be jealous of. Co-Captain of the Wonderbolts, consistently atop Equestria's Most Eligible Bachelor's lists, and altogether without a care in the world, until an unexpected visitor turns his life upside-down. Now, can the pony who's mastered dozens of death-defying stunts face the ultimate challenge of fatherhood?


Disney doesn't present: "Rush", starring Ryan Reynolds as Soarin'. Because The Rock's already done this movie. Twice.

Big thanks to Sagebrush for the cover art.

Dedicated to Michael Clarke Duncan, who inspired one of the characters in this fic.

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Due to a clerical error, everyone's favorite Cutie Mark Crusadering Pegasus Filly accidentally dies and goes to Heck. It kind of sucks for her, but there is some hope for her to return to the world of the living, and she doesn't have to turn into a zombie to do it, either! With the help of a mysterious and badly-designed Alicorn OC, can she make her way to meet the King of Heck and plead her case to return to life?

This is just a dumb idea I got from a combination of Mario Romhacks and too much chocolate milk. Labeled as "Dark" due to a death, but it's more of a silly comedy.

Vector in the Cover Image by starwarsmike1 ( http://starwarsmike1.deviantart.com/#/d4g7mlx )

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Puddles, bubbles, muffins, momma and poppa... these are some of the things that make little Ditzy Doo one of the happiest fillies in the world. Even on a rainy day, momma and Ditzy find a way to have fun. Because when Ditzy is happy, the whole world is happy.

Inspired by, though not directly related to, the song by Blind Melon.

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When a war threatens all the world's creatures, Prince Blueblood is left in charge of Equestria's day-to-day operations. However, Blueblood's lust for power and riches sparks an uprising: a band of Ponies that have had enough of Blueblood's taxes will do whatever they can to set things right in the land of Equestria.

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