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Yeah stories

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    You may know of me as the one who haunts your dreams. You may know of me as a freak, a paranormal being. I just wanted to be normal. To be loved. I didn't choose to be like this, but nobody will understand my pain, my suffering. ((((Slendermane
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    I don't know how long it is after the zombies attacked,but i'm locked in this room and I keep hearing them outside. Their moans and screams terrify me. I don't know what to do anymore...
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*cough* 11, eh?
Number 4 has come into view.
Get this sucker on my user page.
"Mission is underway, ma'am."

honestly i nearly died when i saw that profile pic
my reaction wasn't like "ahh!"
it was more of a "euuuuh!" lol

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

230867...She didn't think that you didn't know? I mean, you're eleven. Most "parents" nowadays overreact at every single detail(not to be insulting). There are always ways to explain things. Like, asking her if she even knows what "clop fic" stands for. Now that you know, you can explain it to her, or she'll do the "I don't give a s***, I know better" style of thing. Being twenty years of age and analyzing your surroundings gives you certain abilities to foresee things in advance. I. Never. Forget.:pinkiecrazy:

230851 Yet the reason my mom won't like it, is because my friend told me to look up this clopfic (didn't mean to look at it) a long time ago,read it as I didn't know what a clopfic was. I left it in the computer history,most embarrassing thing ever and my mom read it and i got SCREAMED at.(Imagine that for a freaking 10 year old) So I swore not to go back on FimFiction. Now here I am thinking of a story to make.

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