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Hi, I'm back:D · 5:37pm Apr 9th, 2013

Hello ponies, it's been a while hasn't itO.o? Anywho, I am currently in the process of (re)making Vaporium:D The new version of it will NOT include Jet Steam travelling to the realm of humans, he will instead stay in his hometown of Vaporium and deal with problems there. I've been doing multiple revisions that I'm trying to put on this G-Doc:

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You'll have to wait and see^^ Can't post any spoilers

Just started reading "Don't stop the rainbows" and I have to ask. What happened in that dream where Twilight died? :trixieshiftright:

Because reasons

*counts* 4th comment! XD
javascript:smilie(':flutterrage:'); why is there no Octavia!

Thanks for that, Chapter 3 should be coming around at the end of the month.

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