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Being a professional at what you do has its ups and downs. One of those downs are that you might be given a task that would be too hard even for you.

But that shouldn't matter here, as being professional here means as long as you do your job correctly, then it shouldn't be too hard.

Just try and have a plan first before you do something reckless. It might just cost you your life.

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Three friends are enjoying themselves while drinking some tea. But when one of them does something that neither of them thought would happen, then a horror is unleashed.

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Nobody Special, the only human in Equestria, gets to feel how it is to be the ruler of the country in one day but it doesn't end that well.

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Six month after Twilight's adventure through the mirror world, she and her friends celebrates her birthday. When suddenly a creature from 1000 years ago comes back after Celestia banished it into space. To get revenge at Celestia and the mane six, it does the most horrific thing. It steals Twilight's wings and turns her back to a unicorn. Will the mane six be able to stop it or is it more than meets the eye?

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Ryan had a normal life. Well so he thought. When he suddenly gets abducted by aliens.

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