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Delays and Proposals. · 3:19am Mar 22nd, 2012

Due to the inevitable and psychtoicaly complex disease known as 'Real Life', I am afraid that I have been unable to meet my before mentioned deadline for Thursday (3-22-12) on the Game of Stones. BUT worry not, the tale shall be up by Sunday (3-26-12) without any doubt (2 days off to focus on it, yay).

But setting this blog up to see if my readers might be interested in participating in a writing experiment that has been buzzing around in my head for a while.

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Regrets, Work, and Meet the Gorgon. · 5:09am Feb 18th, 2012

Work Work Work... ugh reality, how I despise you at times with your capitalist society and demands that a pony sleep for at least a few hours a night... but mostly for your ability to sap my energy and ability to work on projects that have a set time-limit.

Unfortunately, in spite of my attempts during what free time I have had this past week, I will not have a submission for the February Write-Off.
Don't know if anypony who reads this minds, but I felt the need to say it somewhere.

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Episode 2: Game of Stones Cover Art · 11:43pm Jan 8th, 2012

And here again we have new Cover Art by the utterly awesome FoxinShadow. Anypony that wants to see more art based on Game of Stones and Other Doctor Whooves: The Series Scenes, Please comment!!! Let me know I am not wasting my time with these.

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Meet Leonard Di Hoovsie · 1:42am Dec 12th, 2011

New Chapter is up and new art is available.

Fillies and Gentlecolts, I give you: Leonard Di Hoovsie.

Comments are always welcome. Once again, art by FoxinShadows on Deviantart.

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Art Cover for Pinkie Conundrum. · 3:08am Dec 10th, 2011

Have been unable to get this small enough to use as an actual cover for Episode One: Pinkie Conundrum, so here it is in the blog....
By FoxinShadow of Deviantart - The Pinkie Conundrum.

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a tune... kinda famous. · 3:55am Dec 6th, 2011

Wow, I really stink at putting up blog posts. Let's see, what's happened lately. Well, as no doubt everybody has noticed, Episode two was put up and started off on a high note. I hope I didn't brisk the edge of my E rating with the innuendo between Rarity and the Doctor.

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The Beginning of Something Epic... I Hope. · 12:49am Nov 26th, 2011

GOOD Evening fellow Pegasisters, Bronies, and everything in between.
If you are reading this, then I am both flattered and shocked because I really don't expect that anypony will pay attention to a shy little write-filly like myself.
Okay, since this is my first Blog, I guess basics are in Order.

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