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Quillin Words

"You mean I wrote that?!" - Quillin Words

A Bit About Me

As stated above, the name's Quillin Words. Writing is a favorite past time of mine, and I enjoy it wherever I go. I can't say that my writing is perfect, but I can say that there are those who enjoy my stories.

Now, some actual stuff about me!

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Favorite TV Shows: I enjoy several programs, among them My Little Pony, Doctor Who, NCIS, Ghost Adventures, and Supernatural.
Favorite Movies: I like action movies, sci-fi movies, fantasy movies, and any that may mix the three. Some current favorites are Skyfall, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit, The Avengers, Glory, Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Star Wars, Alien vs Predator, and others.
Favorite Books: Ah, yes. Books. Well, some favorites include the Percy Jackson series and its sequel the Heroes of Olympus, The Hobbit, Lone Survivor, Ghosts of War, and Jurassic Park.
Hobbies: Writing is one, but it most certainly is not the last. I also enjoy gaming (Minecraft and shooting games mostly), reading, and music. More on that later.
Other things I do: I also have a YouTube channel where I post covers of songs done with my saxophone. I transcribe by ear, record, and post. Most of my songs are Brony music, but I have done others, such as Traverse Town from Kingdom Hearts.
Current Occupation: I am a college student with no job. :ajsleepy:
Desired Occupation: I want to either join the United States Air Force.
Favorite FimFiction writers: I enjoy the stories of AlphatheGriffin17, outlaw4rc, Darth Link 22, and V-Pony.

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"1st Lt Saxon: Lunar Marine Corps Sniper" - Art drawn by Me


Long time no see! Have a few laughs, my friends. · 5:24pm June 25th

So...it's been a while. Just wanted to share something with y'all, then I'll pop back into hiatus mode!

So in case you didn't know, a while back I wrote a really shitty Rainbow Factory fic called Awoken. It was originally on fanfiction.com, and eventually I moved it over here. It wasn't well received, and looking back on it, I'm not suprised. It really was that bad. Anyhow, that's beside the point of this blog.

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My Brony Bucket List

Also, my Brony Bucket List:

1. Get featured on FiMFiction
2. Get a story through to EqD
3. Perform with my sax live at a con (Did it twice! Nightmare Nights Dallas and Brony-Fest!)
4. Get a popular writer to follow me (Sup V-Pony, ChaoticHarmony? :D)
5. Hit 100 followers on FiMFiction
6. Sax troll M.A. Larson (Did it twice!)
7. Attend BronyCon and perform live there
8. Do a collabo with a famous Brony musician
9. Meet Aviators (He's my favorite! :D)
10. Try out some voice acting stuff (I'm playing Fancy Pants and a Royal Guard captain in a Torchwood: Equestria radioplay coming out soon!)
11. Do a writing collabo
12. Get more than 100 thumbs up on a story

My Favorite Stories That I've Written

  • Red Juice Angel Bunny notices that Fluttershy has been acting strange since the vampire fruit bat incident. But surely, nothing could be wrong, right? That changeswhen dead animals start showing up...drained of blood. Could Fluttershy be a vampire? by Quillin Words 1,555 words · 1,357 views · 43 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Fade Away Derpy hears mean voices in her head, voices telling her to go away...but she doesn't want to go. by Quillin Words 1,600 words · 834 views · 30 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Nobody & Anonymous When Applejack goes back to Manehattan with her friends, old memories resurface and she worries about meeting a familiar face. by Quillin Words 5,205 words · 676 views · 28 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Painting Winds Spitfire loses sight of what she saw in flying after the incident at Rainbow Falls, and goes to the very teammate she betrayed for help. But the answer she gets is not the one she expected... by Quillin Words 1,531 words · 497 views · 16 likes · 0 dislikes

The Best

  • Que Sera, Sera Equestria's past is Twilight's future by Ponydora Prancypants 15,437 words · 32,103 views · 3,059 likes · 54 dislikes
  • Tyrant Canterlot has fallen at last, and six heroes go to face the tyrant of Equestria: Princess Twilight Sparkle. What they find, however, is not at all what they expected. — A reaction to Tyrant Sparkle fics. by PaulAsaran 3,738 words · 17,534 views · 2,338 likes · 68 dislikes
  • Blue Angel A Blue Angels pilot is saved from a fiery crash by a most unexpected savior by V-Pony 778,696 words · 22,640 views · 1,823 likes · 141 dislikes
  • Past Sins Can Nightmare Moon, reborn without her hate, ever escape her past? by Pen Stroke 201,810 words · 146,731 views · 11,136 likes · 378 dislikes

Stories I Loved

  • Blue Angel A Blue Angels pilot is saved from a fiery crash by a most unexpected savior by V-Pony 778,696 words · 22,640 views · 1,823 likes · 141 dislikes
  • Families Spike and Scootaloo are acting strange, and Twilight and Rainbow Dash are going to find out why. by Darth Link 22 88,134 words · 23,657 views · 2,216 likes · 59 dislikes
  • Que Sera, Sera Equestria's past is Twilight's future by Ponydora Prancypants 15,437 words · 32,103 views · 3,059 likes · 54 dislikes
  • Return to Flight Rainbow Dash lives to push herself to the limits, consequences be damned. In one moment, she begins to find out how dire those can be and how difficult it is to regain what has been lost. by Outlaw Quadrant 94,957 words · 4,804 views · 154 likes · 4 dislikes
  • A Ray of Dusk The changelings are gone, Canterlot is safe and the fighting is finished. Little do Dusk and his friends know that the battle is far from over and the war is just beginning. by AlphatheGriffin17 273,070 words · 1,714 views · 141 likes · 11 dislikes

My Favorite Artsy-Fartsies by Me

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I try to thank everyone who enjoyed my stories :twilightsmile:

Alas, the audience for EqG fics is smaller than I would have wanted to. I know that EqG is not to everyone's liking and it's not the best show around (if honestly, my interest in it is primarily kept by awesome songs and Sunset Shimmer), but this area of fanfiction has more potential for exploration (I believe so, at least; when I was planning to write Fallout: Equestria Girls, I could not believe someone has not made such an attempt before).

And yes, while this fic was very largely inspired by Fallout: Equestria, simply following Kkat's plot was unacceptable to me. I can't guarantee that nothing from Kkat's story will find a way in my fic, since both of us find inspiration in Fallout universe, but I'll do my best to avoid it.

I am glad that my story was worthy of giving it a chance :pinkiehappy: don't hesitate to write a comment to it if you want to.

2186749 Hello there! Nice to see you commenting on my page, haha!

Anyways, what earned the favorite? Honestly, I was just looking for some MLP war stories, as I'm writing my own and I like to read others. Now, it should be known that I'm not really a huge fan of EqG stories; there's only one other main series that I follow by another author.

What caught my eye was that A) it was Fallout, and B) you said it wouldn't just be a rip of Fallout: Equestria. It still had some elements though, which was nice. I started out simply giving your story a chance, since I was out of things to read and said, "Eh, why not."

It was a good choice, I can tell you that! You've got a lot of potential in this story (though I'm only a few chapters in) but I am excited for the rest!

Thank you for favouriting "Fallout: Equestria Girls" :twilightsmile:

May I ask how the story earned it?

1907089 Well...I want to, but I've decided that I can't have so many OCs in it. It was too difficult to write for so many characters. I'm changing a lot of the story as well.

For one, there is only going to be Button and Pipsqueak, and maybe one OC, though i'm unsure on the third one. Two, they will be joining the Army instead of the Air Force. Doing that made it more flexible for me when I choose to deploy them and write action bits. Three, because I've switched it to Army, I had to make up a new special operations group to put them in, as the PJs are strictly Airforce. The tentative name right now is "Retrievers".

Those are some big changes in my opinion. Previous to this decision, I was I think 4 chapters in. Now, I'll have to rewrite the majority of them to fit the changes.

1907060 Congrats on graduating High School, man! It's a great feeling! I did so back in 09 and I look back on those last weeks in school with great memories! :twilightsmile:

I can't wait to see what you come out with when you eventually figure it out. I can't remember, but are you still doing "That others may live"?

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