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Starlight Glimmer asks a question of Twilight: If Rainbow Dash had never done the sonic rainboom, would Equestria be better or worse than it is now, on the whole? Twilight, always interested in the hypothetical, agrees to find out.

This is essentially a write-up of the Season 5 finale, inspired by its animatic, as I was deeply inspired by it. Given that the season is on hiatus, I decided to do the unthinkable and actually write a serious pony fic. There will be spoilers from the animatic.
I hope you enjoy this fanfic! Rated T for caution, would rate E10+ if I could. I doubt anything T will happen, but it might get a bit bleak in some later chapters.
Pre-reading by someone who asked me to refer to them as TidepoolSW, as well as the excellent DragonDance, which I am very grateful for. Edited by a wonderful user who wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you very much!

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The changelings are trying to reach peace and equality with the other races. But they are parasites. Even if peace can be accomplished relatively quickly, equality will take much, much longer. Additionally, there is a huge crisis which demands cooperation quickly.

This crisis is not from another species, but from the physical manifestation of the elder ruler of Equestra.

The sun.

(Tags may be added or removed later. Rated Teen for some more intense subjects, such as historic wars, prejudice, and possibly some darker themes later. ABSOLUTELY no clop, and almost certainly no gore. Would get a science-fiction genre, but that's not an option.)

Chapters (2)
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