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I enjoy to visual appearance of Pyrite.

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Comment posted by Guiding_Passion deleted Jan 13th, 2014

933584 Very well, but one last thing before I leave. I leave you with this advice: Stop taking offence so easily by going to the most drastic measure of rebuttal. What that implies is for you to ponder.

(PS, you have other entertaining tid bits as well)

Oh is that so. Well I'm sorry to say that you'll just have to miss it then since I'm going to block you. I'm not some side show attraction I'm afraid and I don't care much for your notion that I am.

As for what you are basing this on (I'm assuming you are referring to Epic Quests story). Well I hate to inform you that it was a one off thing (I was extremely tired and stressed out then and it clouded my judgment which led me to act that way.) and I have long since apologized to them for that and I have long since come to ignore that particular sub fandom and have moved on. Sorry to disappoint you.:derpytongue2: To be honest I'm surprised anyone even cares about something that happened a month ago anyway.

In any case I'd suggest you find someone else to bother. I have no time for your nonsense.

Also if you persist I will consider it harassment and have you reported.

I was meaning to say that your criticism of others, arguments, and judgments always ended in your embarrassment or looking foolish to the point in which I felt embarrassed, weather or not I agreed with you. Blocking you would be a matter based on previously stated conditions (not viewpoints). However; in the end the bickering you indulge yourself in is far too entertaining to let slip by. I must see it.

Forgive me I jumped to a hasty conclusion and deleted your comment on my page. I may have read into it a bit too much. My apologies for this.

Do forgive me for that I wasn't sure what to make of it. Could you please restate it and perhaps explain what you were trying to say.?

Anyway Was there something you wished to talk to me about?

Also one last thing
Would you care for a Ham Sandwich?

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