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Something New is now dead. · 5:06am Aug 2nd, 2015

Okay so I've come the realisation a while ago that 'Something New' wasn't exactly the best, pacing, story, and character wise. So I'm re-doing it as a completely new story. As of now I have completed Chapter 1 and am just waiting for final editing to go through. But I don't know what to do with 'Something New' should I cancel it or straight up delete it? Maybe I should keep to remind of how terrible it was, or maybe delete it so no one ever has to see it ever again. These are the big questions

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Something New returns! · 4:12am Mar 11th, 2015

Dear people who follow me and those of you who favourite my story "Something New" I have good news. I am finally updating this story, a lot happened in the last 2 years, school, semi-leaving the fandom, being hella depressed, serious lack of motivation, graduating year 12, I thought one day 'I wonder what's happening over at fimfiction' and so I read my favs that had accumulated over 2 years, got inspiration and now I've started writing chapter 8 of "Something New" and I hope to finish it

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