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Zenaris Blackmour

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Hey · 12:07pm Aug 31st, 2019

I haven't existed in any sort of real activity on this site since 2013, except for reading the odd fiction story every now and then. Hard to believe it's been almost seven years since my introduction to the fandom back in 2012. I've been making a strong comeback to the fandom, and after browsing some old stories I used to read, I felt like it was time to finally update this dated account.

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My mistake. Some of the stories were hidden because I didn't have NSFW enabled. Thanks for clarifying!

Herding Instincts is still going strong. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/349678/herding-instincts

Hope you enjoy if you decide to get caught up.

I'm not particularly active on this site anymore, so it took be a while to come back and notice your comment. I had favorited and watched that story in the hopes of getting updates about it, because I really enjoyed where it was going. That being said, it looks like you deleted the story altogether. I'm greatly disappointed. I hope the rest of your fiction goes well all the same.

Thanks so much for the fav on Herding Instincts and remember that comments are greatly appreciated!

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