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My name is Sombra Lucent. I am a resident of the Crystal Kingdom, hailing from the upper class sector. I am making this journal entry to archive my recent magical studies of artifacts and our history.
For as long as our people can remember, our kingdom has been the heart of Equestria. We keep balance and harmony across the land, and take great pride in our duty. Our love is their love, say they say.
But I want to find the source of all of this. I want to discover why the Crystal chose us in this otherwise desolate tundra of cold and ice, and what effects it may have on the kingdom itself. All of this exposure to the crystal has given our coats a glorious shine, and we as the shining guardians of Equestria have been aptly named 'Crystal Ponies'. But while our role in this world is strong, we are also quite fragile in mind and in body.
I have left the kingdom, braving the snow and ice to locate answers to our past and the origins of the crystal. I also hope to find some way to improve my magic and perhaps bring new ideas and studies to what I consider an otherwise crumbling society. They need a leader, they need to stop with their dreams of a crystal princess because in all this time of waiting and legend, there has never been one present among us. She is just a bed-time story for foals at this point, and I refuse to accept the praise and reliance on something that simply isn't there.

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