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Next chapter of LiP incoming! · 11:36pm Nov 19th, 2018

When? Before Christmas, that's for sure xD.

Again sorry for the wait, this one is gonna much lnger then previous ones.

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An important update · 1:42pm Feb 15th, 2018

First of all I want to thank you all who liked my fic to be this much patient; I was worried many of you would've just lost interest after such long time with no updates, but you proved me how much you like my story, and it makes me happy :pinkiesmile: . I honestly don't deserve you all, not after making you wait this much long :fluttershysad: ; a lot of things happened in my life during this time, yes, but it's also my fault. I continued to tell myself to go on, but I always found some

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My first FAQ. · 12:02am Dec 13th, 2013

This FAQ is dedicated to all of you people that have lots of answers regarding my fic "Littlepip in Ponyville". I'll answer both the most frequent ones and those you might want to ask but, alas, you're too shy for doing it. Alright, let's begin:

1. Why such bad grammar?

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