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A filly can say a lot and surprise all, so why does Shadow surprise everypony by writing something a simple as a poem?

* not sure if it should be a one-shot.

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Shadow Chaser is a young filly age 14 who has hidden a secret from all who've met her: she was abused, beaten, and was a punching bag to her parents. Not anymore. Now she has a job at the Rainbow Factory, where her parents are prisoner, and she get's to say goodbye to them. Will she miss them: Not at all. Join her on her journey of saying goodbye and see the changes in her parents. Will they be good?
( gore tag: for good measure)

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Facing your fears can be tough. But when it's national dental hygiene week at school, what will a scared Scootaloo do? Will Scootaloo be able to make it through the week and not have to face her fears? Will her friends find out? Will Dr. Colgate find out? Will Scootaloo be able to face her fears? The story, answers all.

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Ever wonder how the ponies keep their teeth straight? Everypony follows their foalhood routines. Everypony except Derpy Hooves of course. After discovering a toothache while eating lunch at work, her boss and her coltfriend try to get her to go see the local dentist. The story begins now.

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