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Hmm... What to say here... 1) I am indeed a lady. 2) Everypony is best pony. 3) However, I especially like Rarity and Fluttershy. Maybe more later? Anyway, toodles!

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A few years after the show, a supposedly fortuitous event has occurred. Spike and Rarity have made one choice. Princesses Celestia and Luna have made theirs. Twilight is split between friendship and duty while Discord plays only to please himself. Each party is prepared to defend his or her choice until the end, and the end may very well occur...

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Ever since the events of his birthday, Spike has feared and suppressed his species' natural behavior. However, when one chains the beast too long, natural tendencies tend to break loose. Spike, along with his friends, must discover a way for Spike to control his natural behavior and continue to live alongside the ones he loves. But is this possible?

Which is more powerful: nature or nurture?

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