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Hmm... What to say here... 1) I am indeed a lady. 2) Everypony is best pony. 3) However, I especially like Rarity and Fluttershy. Maybe more later? Anyway, toodles!


I'm back! · 12:04pm Feb 24th, 2013


It's your old Styrofoam again, but back with good news. I've found a job so now I won't be thrown out of my apartment on to the street. Because this is finally settled, I can get back to some of my other activities in life, including writing, so expect a new chapter coming up really soon! I apologize for the delay guys! RL can be something sometimes, you know?

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Interesting thoughts while writing... · 2:34am Dec 30th, 2012

So, yeah... Like the title says, this one is just my thoughts while I've been writing Baser Instinct. Last blog I wrote about the crazy ideas I get while writing (and by the way, the Filly Rarity story idea is beating out the other--although that one still won't die. It's morphing into a whole other idea, and much darker than the fic I'm writing now).

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And it begins... · 4:09pm Dec 6th, 2012

So Baser Instinct got featured yesterday! Second time, yes! Now I am complete. Lol.

And it's very weird. Has anyone else had ideas for other stories pop into one's head while writing a certain story? I get all sorts of ideas for other stories in my head while writing Baser Instinct, but I'm holding off on seriously pursuing them. I want to get done with the majority of my first story before skipping off to start another one.

Anyway these two ideas have been floating in my head.

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