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Comment posted by Riften Guard deleted Dec 15th, 2012

Hey dude just to let you know, don't let the people let you down, just change your profile and delete or rewrite your story. Look at me... Before my name was hell droper 1337... Ya bad grammar, but anyways when I written my first story, it was a major train wreck, then I written another one, it was train wreck again. Then I gotten better at grammar and, guess what? Less dislikes.
>>Riften Guard over and out. Fake train wreck explorer<<
P.S. You don't have change your profile, I just piss off alot of people

Also taking any ideas you have for me to make, oh and I had a dream about slender man I'll be writing about that later on.

I'm going to start my second book as the second book witch is after my first book: "It can't be the devil..."

As the first person to comment on your wall, I'd like to say:
Welcome to the community!Have fun reading!

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