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My Current Groups · 9:40pm Jan 21st, 2015

I have not found any way to search for groups created by a specific author, so I am posting a list of my groups I have created in case anyone wants to see them now they can right here.

This is a list of groups I have made.

1. Crossovers With Naruto
2. Mass Effect Fics

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Thanks for the fave on Star Eater! Thumbs up if you like it!

Thanks for the fav!


It's in my queue :twilightsheepish: I gotta finish the sequel to The Right Man in the Wrong Place first, I am planning on working on it after that. Speaking of which, thanks for the favorite on that and the other stories.

2493586 Welcome.^_^ And. Hope to see the sequel soon too.^_^^_^

Thanks for the favorite on Into the Black. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 263 - 267 of 267
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