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Just a guy with a love for ponies and literature. Not very interesting at the moment, but I soon hope to change that. In the meantime, why not join me on a mystery tour?

They came and saved me
put me in a nice big box
I am coming home

Desolation fills my vision, this torn landscape before my eyes,
it was beautiful once, I was sure of it. Now? barren and scarred,
the scorched foliage, and charred flesh occupies,
what was once a majestic hill

The smell of cordite stings my nose, blood and the waste of the dead, runs like a river
They said it was important, I guess,
that made sense some how, keep em' from moving in,
a straight line. They'd need to take it back, surround it, isolate it,
like a cancer. Or perhaps, remove it, then cauterize the wound

My breathing is strenuous; the simple act tears at my ravaged lungs,
and reminds me just how mortal I am,
yet looking around me, at the viscera and the destruction,
I already knew that

And here I am, dragging my despicable form out,
from the hole,
like a rat,
a broken leg, and missing eye, and yet I trudge,
because the pain reminds me that I'm alive

I'm alive. I'm alive. I'm alive because they are not, because the fire passed me over in disgust
as if I wasn't worth it, my existence was inconsequential
to the bigger picture

The tears never came. I ran out a long time ago.
My jaw would set itself, and tremble,
with each broken body I came across, hoping they were,

I don't have the strength, so here I sit,
in another hole, with an empty stomach,
and a dry tongue, waiting...Waiting...
To end. To be saved.

The frost chilled air is sharp with cold,
"Beware the evening." I was told,
Our hooves they freeze as we trudge on-wards,
Into the wind we trot so bold

My sullen eyes drift toward the sky,
My frozen wings they ache to fly,
Above the clouds to stem the pain,
I know that soon we all may die

We cut into the frozen clay,
The Earth it sighs as if to say,
"Oh young soldier please leave now,"
"please young soldier, please don't stay"

Our Sun retires, and takes its due,
Our Moons the eager of the two,
The white stones beauty brings little warmth,
As we take spots within our cue

I cannot sleep without a tear,
As I lay my body here,
These empty pits are our new homes,
The peaceful silence seems so queer

My body does not shiver light,
As my throat chokes out in the night,
Those many tears, they taste of salt,
"Please, oh please say I've done right..."

I’ve taken the field, it’s stained with red,
And though I knew that we faced death,
And upon the grass I may lay dead,
I took the field with all the rest,

As shields collide, and steel met steel,
And in our eyes was no such end,
The battered foe refused to yield,
And I took the field and did not bend

And fire lashed and burned our hides,
A bloody contract we have signed,
And in that fire we rode it’s tides,
I took the field with an empty mind

And with it all came many widows,
And if I fell, I’d make one this day,
Her cries and tears being well endowed,
I took this damn field anyway

This field, it came with many terrors,
And we stood strong to keep them here,
In doing so, we felt fear’s tremors,
But we stood and took this field together

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904649 Thanks bro, the offer stands if you ever need help! I mean really my reclusive habits are so bad I'll probably just forget, so you may have to seek me out.:twilightsheepish:


No problem. Don't worry about bugging me. I'm just your friendly neighborhood Starshina.

904636 That sounds like a pretty good idea! I actually was supposed to be writing with a friend, a story he came up with and wanted my help on. Every time we sat down though we kinda just WASTED TIME (603002 , we should probably continue that by the way), we still have the doc stored so hopefully we'll come back. And I have a journal I take to school with me where I write down random stuff that comes to mind and sounds cool. However, like my bio implies I'm kinda shy and I generally don't like bugging people, well, for anything! If I asked someone to let me write some stuff in their story I'd feel like I was imposing and I'd probably stop. If you know anyone that needs a cowriter though, if they needed it I suppose I could attempt to provide assistance.


Here's something that would probably help you: Getting a cowriter. Or you could just do short spots in other peoples' stories. Trying to write out an entire story, especially staring at the blank page, is the scariest thing a writer can face. Try to make the font larger and the zoom closer. When you fill the screen more rapidly and have more pages put down, your brain feels like it is making progress, and you soon get lost in the tale. Also, you can try writing the story out bit by bit in a chat program such as Skype, sending it to a sympathetic friend and fellow writer as you do it. I found that way works really well for encouraging fast thought and breaking through blog. Plus, the short space makes even a mere eighty words feel like a lot, so you get a good amount of visual encouragement.

904606 huh, I should probably update my bio...

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