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So I was thinking about all the science stuff I'm dealing with in Charon, but at the same time, I've got to remember that magic is a thing.

And it's a very good thing.

All of this stuff is theoretically real, we just haven't gotten there yet. Why? Well for an Alcubierre Drive for example, we'd need something that has a negative mass. Now, we're getting close with the Casimir effect, but wouldn't it be easier if magic?

And do you have any idea how much power you'd need for that thing? Well at least the crew of the Ascension don't have to worry about that, because magic.

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"Children of Arcadia"

It's kind of like X-Men crossed with Supernatural. A massive number of people are the mortal incarnations of angels, but they're feared because of their powers and segregated into large mega-cities that more resemble concentration camps. The subtitle of the current book is The Third Sphere and covers the events leading up to the start of the segregation campaigns.

What is your novel gonna be called cause I am interested!

2260707 I'm working on an original novel right now, and not enough people read my blogs for me to bother mentioning it on here. :applejackunsure:

I really don't see why you don't have more fans. Your stories are great, and your (hopefully) not dead.

Comment posted by -Polaris- deleted Sep 5th, 2016

Not the zombie you want, the zombie you deserve.

Stop being dead and become the zombie that we need you to be.

A new group dedicated to glorious Communism has come. Spread the word and join our herd:twilightblush:


1360364 all good, hope you had a great time. ~<3

That awkward moment when comments don't show up in your notifications... :facehoof:

Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Happy Birthday to one of the coolest peeps I know! ~<3 :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for favoriting The Unity Pact. :moustache:

Ooh, a fav. Much appreciated.
*Goes back to scheming*


Za. I see.

Then again, I'm in California, so I'm sort've off your time schedule xD

956113 It's only 11:48. Unless I have nothing better to do, I usually write those at around 2:00.


Ach, good then. I was worried because you didn't put a Daily Update blog up :derpytongue2:

955936 Doing a lot better. Still hurts to laugh. Or breathe... or do anything, really. But still a lot better.

Oy, laddey. You feeling any betta today? Or is et still tah bad?

901737 I think I fixed it?


I canna go into your newest Blog Post.

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My Writing Style Autobiography

3:16am, 17th of Jul, 2014

I'm in the middle of writing [the next chapter of Emberdawn]. The part coming up introduces Verdant. I am lost.

The idea was simple; I had intended for this alternate reality to have a role in nearly every one of my stories, so wouldn't it be cool if all of them converged at the same point? Though... Emberdawn is going to be the first to actually make it to the aforementioned point.

I'm rambling and spouting exposition like the snarky narrator I am. Don't worry though, I'll get to me later.

So there I was, staring blankly at this here blinking cursor. Yes, that one. What do you mean you can't see it?

Anyway, I'm sitting there, no idea how to go about this. 'Well,' I think to myself, 'I should probably start by going back and refreshing my memory on any bits of info about this character that I may have forgotten.' No, that's not really how I talk in my head.

I hovered my mouse over my username, moved it down to 'stories', then over and down to Moonlit Skies (for those out of the know, Moonlit Skies was my second — short-lived — attempt at fanfiction. Short-lived because I got sidetracked, not because it was bad. Moonlit Skies was in reality arguably my best story, seeing as it's the only one still sitting at a 100% approval rating. Even if that 100% consists of eleven people. Thus the 'arguably' part... Anyway, it could actually be pretty damn good with a bit of polish).

I read the first little bit, just to reintroduce myself, and notice two things.
1. "...Equestrian Royal Committee of Weather Science."
That's going to make for a shitty acronym. I should have Jackie make a joke about that.
Le filler
2. "Honestly, what did he expect to happen?"
I think my mind just broke. Do I... Have a signature writing style!? That's the snarky narrator, is it not!? That's me!

To think that I was developing my style into what it is now all the way back then... It's really rather awe-inspiring for me. For the longest time, I've been thinking of all my past works as a lost cause, but now that I've actually been forced to look back at them...

I had always intended to finish RotS, DP is intended to be an active side-story for SotS, SotS is already a rewrite of DDBN, TDWEDE already has a sequel planned, and now MS is back on the list of things that interest me. Haven't listened to any Abney Park in a while...

4:55am, 27th of Nov, 2014

I recently noticed while I was starting work on Charon that I never include a lot of detail, and there's a simple reason for that: I'm smart. I'm not genius smart, but I got straight A's throughout school, and I assume that counts for something. No, I'm not trying to brag, this matters. Why should it matter? Well, there's an actual psychological condition — though I can't remember what it's called — that causes smart people to unconsciously assume everyone is as smart as them. Now when I say 'smart', I'm not just talking about the "I can do math really quick" kind of smart, I mean the ability to process information. There are different kinds of smart, and you wouldn't say that someone who can recite the periodic table but can't do algebra in their head is any less smart than someone who can do algebra in their head but can't name the first element on the periodic table.

There's something people have that includes a lot of data processing, and that's imagination. Using nothing but your mind, you create entire environments and personalities that mimic reality as closely — or loosely — as you want them to. Writing fiction is the act of taking these things and turning them into words. You wouldn't say that someone who can create an entire reality is any less smart than someone who can't picture a cube, even if that person can recite the entire periodic table while doing algebra in their head. What if you're the latter though? I'm not, so I definitely don't know.

But. There's that condition. I can create entire realities inside my head, but I unconsciously assume that everyone else can too as I'm writing what I've created down. Example: when I wrote the first chapter of Charon, I had the majority of it taking place in a courtyard. Everyone can picture a courtyard, right? "Well wait a minute, what else is in the courtyard?" "Bushes, I guess?" Great. There are some bushes that I never once wrote anything about, because I unconsciously assume that everyone can populate this courtyard with their own shit. Why do I need to write about the bushes? They never matter in any way!

I'm suddenly informed during my first proofreading session that Mercury is getting an image in his head of a stone circle, filled with only two ponies, and surrounded by empty void. How could this be!? It's a normal, stereotypical courtyard, filled with those things I never once mentioned. Oh, right. He's smart with spelling and grammar, but not so great with imagination. That was the moment when I started wondering how many of my readers are like that. Just how many instances of Jackson walking through empty space did people have to go through? I went back and added a sentence about bushes. And maybe a few other details like what the main protagonist actually looks like.

9:06pm, 25th of Jan, 2015

After some consideration, I realized that the reason I don't write a lot — aside from the fact that I have a life — Is because I get tired of things very easily. I'm starting to think that I made a mistake when I put all of my stories on hiatus a few years back. I had thought that I was becoming overwhelmed because I kept switching between them without ever finishing anything, but that was actually getting a lot more done that way than sitting around for extended periods of time just staring at a blank page like I do now.

I'm currently working on four stories, with two side stories planned for when I reach certain points in a couple of my primary stories. I've pretty much reached the same point I was at last time. This time though, I'm not going to be putting anything on hiatus. Instead, I'm going to do what I subconsciously wanted to do all along. My plan from here on is to write around 1000 words for a single story, and then move on to another one.

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