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Heyo! TheSharp0ne here. I was told I should put my story on FIMFic, so here I am.

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Shining Armor has been on a lot of adventures. He's faced monsters, magic, and just about anything your mind could think of. But when an evil witch threatens the land and captures his Princess, he must take up arms and venture to the witch's castle to rescue her.

Cover Art courtesy of Huussii on deviantART

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Old Ponytale tells of two royal Pony Sisters, the younger of which grew jealous of her sister's day, and one night refused to lower the moon. It tells that the eldest used the Elements of Harmony to banish the monster her sister had become. But the tale does not tell of the destruction that rained upon Equestria, and the actions of one brave pony during that perilous time.

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Twilight Sparkle believes she has made a new friend when a new pony moves into town. But when she stumbles upon his secret, she's pulled into the world of wartime Equestria. Can she use her brilliant mind to help defeat the enemies of Equestria, or will her mind fail her when it is needed most?

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