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Nocturne Hurakan


Nocturne Hurakan · 6:55pm Sep 16th, 2019

Name: Nocturne Hurakan
Age: over 4,000
Race: Alicorne Thestral
Mane/Tail color: silver
Coat color: Black
Eye color: Red draconic like Nightmare
Cutie mark: Black lightning bolt shaped wand over a rainbow tornado
Skills/powers/runes: He is a master in both storm and all dark/black magic. He can use other elemental magic but not as well as the others.
Still Way

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Celene Crimsonmoon · 11:43am Aug 20th, 2019

Name: Celene Crimsonmoon
Race: Pure blooded vamponie
Eye color: Ice blue but glow when pissed
Mane/Tail colors: Two toned Blood and Fire red
Coat color: Midnight blue
Cutie mark: A full moon with a dagger on it
Age: Over 500

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Death · 7:02pm May 23rd, 2019

My mom just died today. :fluttercry:

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One of my fave songs · 6:21pm Dec 17th, 2018

Plus another I found.

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Late birthday · 11:18pm Nov 30th, 2018

My birthday was yesterday.

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Viking · 1:25am Nov 25th, 2018

The story Equestrian Viking in my opinion was good. I would suggest that my friends or anyone else that sees this blog at least give it a try. If you like it please tell him how good it is. Viking

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Brigid Evergold · 6:56pm Oct 29th, 2018

Name: Brigid Evergold

Age: 300 (she is considered 21)

Species: Kirin

Weight: 250

Height: 3'11

Eye colors: Jade green when happy. Fire red or Ruby red depending on how angry she is. Transformed they are fully white.

Scale colors: Gold normally but when transformed ashy gray.

Coat colors: Forest green normally but when transformed jet black.

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Sigh · 3:26pm Oct 15th, 2018

I have been feeling a little down lately. My mom had to go into the hospital to have some dead tissue removed from her foot. This was a month or so ago. About the same time as that my friend left me without a reason as to why. We had plans to talk that night but then I find out he blocked me. We just were talking like we always do then when I went on to PS4 I find out he unfriended me. When I went back onto here I find out he blocked me as well. Be careful of Bryan Luna. That is my advise for

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The Moon · 9:17pm Aug 7th, 2013

The Moon and night-time sky has always mystified man. From planting to conceiving children, there are many superstitions around the Moon.
Moon and Superstitions and Folklore

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The Human Me · 11:07am Jan 2nd, 2013

I'm six foot five inches tall dark brown hair brown eyes i wear glasses i'm told i look cute tho i don't know about that i whigh two hundred and eighty pounds i'm on the chuby or fat side tho i'm kinda strong no defined muciles tho i like a lot of dif things i love trying new things at least once i am a romantic i have a good sence of humor and personality i would say that pinkie and luna are a big part of my personality tho the other 5 are mixed in with it as well at first i'm like luna a

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