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World-Jumper. Tibirus. The Black Knight. Jericho. These are many of the names given to the Agent of the Dragon-God Enoch. He has spent thousands of years voyaging the multiverse, exploring countless worlds and fighting alongside many heroes, becoming a walking embodiment of destruction and justice.

After another successful mission, Enoch comes to him with a surprise. Destroying a fallen world? No. A crossover-merger needing oversight? No. Protecting a collection of brightly-colored equines? Yes... Really?

While this world is a bit peaceful for his taste, he finds the inhabitants to be rather endearing. But as old memories and old enemies emerge to wreck everything he has ever achieved, can his new "friends" help him? Or is the burden of immortality finally going to catch up with him?

Inspired by Ominus' Travels: Equestria and other multiversal fics. Image is the theme of the main character.

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After a teleportation spell gone awry, half of the Element-Bearers have disappeared. Six months have passed, and the Princesses fear that their old enemies may rise up once again.

Fortunately, Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Applejack have finally returned, along with three battle-weary dragons and three bedraggled humans. Battle-hardened and scarred, no one can believe that these are the same mares they used to know.

They tell a tale of world far beyond Equestria. A world where magic and technology are worshipped side by side. A place where a thousand different races eke out a living in the midst of unending combat. And a massive, unbelievably complex world, used as a playground between two vengeful gods.

A place called "Byzantine".

This is inspired by Crossed Paths and On the Wings of Angels. Includes characters from Star Wars, Dresden Files, Skylands, the Dark Tower series, and How to Train your Dragon.
This is a multiversal fic, and features characters and places from all across fiction.

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An undead Emperor in need of a new body. A Spartan lost in space. A ragtag team on a suicide mission. What do they all have in common? They all wind up on the magical world of Equestria, where war has been forgotten. That, however, is soon about to change.
When each of them is about to be retrieved, ancient evils arise to unleash hell upon the unsuspecting world. When the forces of three galaxies clash around them, can our favorite ponies hold out against the onslaught?
This is a crossover involving Warhammer 40k, Halo, Mass Effect and MLP, and is also my first fanfic. Comments and reviews are welcome.
Rated T for language, violence, and general adult situations.
Now on Tv Tropes!

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