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Story Update 3 · 12:00am Apr 1st, 2012

Waking In a Strange Land is officially back! The new chapter is releasing today! Enjoy!

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Story Update 2 · 3:05am Mar 5th, 2012

I have decided, that after a month of not updated my first story, that I'm just cancelling it. I have decided to start a new story, and I hope it will go as well, or even better than the first.

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Story Updates · 6:37am Jan 9th, 2012

Hello everypony! First and foremost, I would like to state that I am currently typing this out on my phone, so if there are any spelling mistakes I am sorry. Also, it is currently 1:22 in the moring, and I am trouble sleeping, so I decided to give you all a headsup for the future. As I have stated in the authors note in chapter 1 of Waking in A Strange Land, I will try to update my story at least twice per week. Hopefully this means you will all have a steady dose of my genius. :) On that note,

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