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I has a Podcast! · 10:48pm Jan 18th, 2013

Hey all that are reading, just thought I would let you all know that I'm on a podcast that is half ponies and half gaming.
We are pretty much based in a Tumblr account that puts out some stuff, for avid readers I do a fiction roundup once a week just to point out any fics that I personally enjoy, I shall linkie linkie below. We put out a new episode every week, usually an hour to an hour and ten minutes long.

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Origins of the Ponies of War is cancelled · 12:06am Jan 12th, 2013

For anyone who is not already aware, Origins is cancelled. The idea had originated from, and was to be based on a small group of people, including myself. This group has now split apart, me having left the group as well. It is cancelled and will not be finished. So yeah, I’ll be starting up another story, stay tuned for my next adventure.

See you story side, -Tag

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Oh... hi there · 10:06pm Nov 27th, 2012

...I haven't been around that much. I wish to apologize for that because I promised I would have something.

At the risk of sounding a little... Idunno, there IS something that I hope will get out there soon. It's a large project and I have a couple of great people helping me. I'll be finished part one within the next week and a half. You heard it here first folks, I'm posting something for once.

Mark my words, Origins of the Ponies of War Book One: Hello will be up soon.

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Here we go again · 9:47pm Aug 31st, 2012

It's that time of year again, school is rolling around and I start grade 11 on tuesday. Honestly seemed to write more, and better, when I was in school anyway so I'll wait until then to start up the next project. Don't know if it'll be an all in one chapter thing or if I'll make it longer so keep an eye out, and wish me luck in the new year.

see you story side, -Tag

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Coming Back Soon · 12:15am Jun 14th, 2012

Hey to whoever might be reading this, I'm sure you know who I am and if you don't I don't feel like introducing myself. As I mentioned in my last chapter I would be going under the radar until exams were over and I thought I might let you guys know that exams are almost over; I will be done on this coming friday the 15th. on the 16th I'll try to get up a chapter but I might not because I'll be taking a 10 and a half hour drive down south for a few days but at the very least I'll get a chapter

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