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Back to the MAybes... · 11:50pm Jan 17th, 2014

Alright, seeing as how "The Land After"is done and my two day break has reached its end, it's time to start back up. Well...More or less, truth be told I have agreed to write one of my friend's stories, a character we all should know, "Stony". I do not know how long it will be or how long it will take, seeing as how all I am doing is writing what is yelled at me.

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The Land After... · 3:35am Jan 4th, 2014

Seeing as how reader turn out for "Love Bites" was a little low, most likely because I decided not to show some kind of clop, herm-sex, slave sex, rape or something along those lines. At any rate, I've decided to finish up the other series I have worked on. So, the next story will be wrapping up* the Land Before series. After that I will continue with the MAybe series with "Maybe love bites twice."

Either way, hope you all had a SAFE but enjoyable New Years. I know I did. Winky face~

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Important or you will be confused! · 7:14pm Dec 29th, 2013

The next part in the MAybe series will actually have the word "Maybe" in it. Reason I say you would be confused is that the series has not used the word maybe for around 8 months. However, just because the next story has the older name does not mean that it is a prologue or something to tie up lose ends, instead the next story will take place after the last series aka, "Should be".

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List update/ happy whatever does not offend! · 3:02am Dec 27th, 2013

Because I recently mad an Indian friend of mine made by asking how he feels about getting milk from his reincarnated "grandma", I have decided to play cautiously. So, happy whatever you like!!! And if it was X-Mas then good for you!!!

^Obviously I was not cautions enough to delete the bad joke/truth at the top, oh well the few people who actually read my blogs ~Don't be mad I baked cookies.

AnyHooves- List

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Finally! Parts update~ Short blog. · 2:37am Dec 24th, 2013

Alright, as it stands parts 58-59 are about 21k, really not the big for me to have taken over a week. But, I think you'll all let me live when you see what happens.

~"Should be something special"
Hopefully will be up later on today or tomorrow early.
Getting close to 60 huh?

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Whoa! Such Fat1aty! mcuhe Waho! · 1:52am Dec 21st, 2013


Question time ! ~parts 58/59 · 12:45am Dec 19th, 2013

As of right now I'm thinking about posting 58 and 59 together. Unless you all would like a slight cliff hanger, not a bad thing just means you would all have to wait about five days to read three or four chapters.

Can't tell you what the cliff hanger would be about or who it would be with, but I can say this: The current spring boarded story calls for some Poison Joke, and not how you think.

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List update 12/13/13 · 2:40am Dec 14th, 2013

"Should Be series" (few parts/then chapters) *WIP* 2 parts then one large story. (Story tired in time frame to Make it Simple, but not necessary to read).

Finishing of "Make it Simple" ~(Chapters)

"Love Bites~Trotting for Once" (Chapters) * WIP *

"The Land After" ~ (Posted as chapters) * WIP*

"Stony" ~ Posted as chapters (<----Not written by me but based in the MAybe series world so I will be hosting it.) * WIP/UD*

"(Unnamed collaboration) " * UD/SB *

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The Could Be series End and After... My Thank you everyone! · 8:35pm Dec 9th, 2013

Yes it's true, we made it though another series. Which brings us to the question, is this the end of the story?? I believe I said this about three times so far...HA! NO, I don't believe there will ever be a satisfying ending.

But, it has never been for me to decided.

Do you want to see a sequel to the Could Be series?

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My thoughts about new MLP episode. · 4:00pm Nov 23rd, 2013

^ lol, I like trees, but come on. I still enjoy my idea of collecting things from all three tribes to create the Elements.

~~~~ Either way whoa! New Seasons! Any thoughts?

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