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Following her last bout of paranoia Twilight finally has the confidence in herself that she is Princess Celestia's star apprentice...but this has not always been so and a ghost from Twilight's past resurfaces from her memories. Haunted and terrified, Twilight returns to the one place she never wanted to see ever again: Magic Kindergarten.

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Her adoptive father killed before her eyes by a mysterious, vicious armored pony, Mage Twilight Sparkle is thrust into the dangers of the Pony Coast as a diamond shortage threatens to spark war between the magnificent port city of Friendship's Gate and Amane. Who is it that wants her dead and wants the land plunged into bloodshed? Does it have to do with who her mother was? The dead goddess Nightmare Moon! Twilight is determined to find some answers but along the way she will face many dangers, most of all knowing who is friend and who is foe.

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