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Never mind, I found one. · 2:14pm Mar 16th, 2014

Hello everyone!

I don't know if this is normal, but I always get incredibly anxious whenever I'm about to post or update a story. Anyway, I've been sitting on top of a princest story for a few months now, and I feel like I want to publish it, but for some reason, I'm terrified that it sucks (I've felt that way about everything I've ever published, though, so what else is new?).

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Is anyone else freaked out by that drawing of Scootaloo? · 11:04pm Apr 29th, 2013

You know the one, in the site header. She's up there right now, staring into my soul with her huge marble eyes and her shark-snout and her weird wobbly smirking mouth. And her feathers that look like... Spruce trees?

I'm being absolutely serious when I say that that image turns my stomach upside down every time it pops up. I love Scoots as much as the next brony, but damn, judging by that image I'm pretty sure that she's going to kill me.

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Update on the anti-clopfic group · 7:40am Dec 6th, 2012

I don't want to declare success prematurely, but it looks like we've won. The group still exists, but its purported purpose has shifted from harassment of specific clopfics to discussion of the members' mutual distaste for clopfics in general, and the group no longer has any stories submitted to it. It looks as though they've purged all the clop readers and writers from the group, so we no longer have much of a presence there, but I don't suppose we need to, as it appears to have been

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Please help me defend clop from unwarranted hate. · 8:50am Nov 30th, 2012

Hi everyone! Thanks for the watches, by the way, it means a lot! I thought I'd use my newly found soapbox to send out a message to help out my fellow clop authors and aficionados.

There's a new group called the anti-clopfic group. It's established for the express purpose of assaulting clop-authors with downvotes and harassing comments. Kind of like the Train Wreck Explorers, except they are perfectly happy to attempt to sink good fics, simply because they are cloppy.

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