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Passing Starstruck on to Curran · 5:44am Aug 25th, 2013

I found myself spending the last month completely overwhelmed, and I couldn't dedicate the proper time to bringing Starstruck to a proper conclusion on my own end. I've already had it written, it just needed to be proofed then uploaded to FimFiction, so the core of the work is already complete. The issue, though, was simply timing, and the fact that some later chapters written earlier needed to be reworked to be in parity with what we had. Unfortunately, the time to make these changes was

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Chapter 11 coming Tomorrow · 8:33am May 10th, 2013

Curran and I have gotten the majority of chapter 11 done for Starstruck (it's flirting around 17k words), so after a final proofreading pass it should be going up for your weekend reading enjoyment.

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Starstruck coming back regularly in two weeks! Next chapter this Friday. · 3:49am Jan 30th, 2013

So a quick breakdown of the last month or so we've gone without a Starstruck update.

Right before Christmas, Curran and I took a holiday break. The idea was to come back after two weeks and get right back into writing. However, that didn't happen on my end. During my two weeks off, my day job picked up, and I was hired to color the entirety of the upcoming 'Fallen' comic book, which will be hitting Comixology and be available in physical print in late February.

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