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My sequel to random worlds in equestria.

Basically, three new characters appear in equestria, though unlike last time were they became pony's, they remain as humans for some reason, will they become friends with the princess's, will they cause chaos and destruction, or will someone just become more confused that the whole premise already is.

Now, i am looking for suggestions for characters for Celestia and Cadence, all suggestions are welcome, but no Pokemon characters, I've already got a story with a crud ton of Pokemon.

Oh and more tags will be added as the story is continued, so if it becomes dark...you get the idea.

And don't take the story seriously too, its just mindless fun for a while.

cancelled due to no one really enjoying the story and well, i didn't really enjoy writing it. sorry to anyone that liked this story, i promise i won't cancel anything else.

Chapters (3)

Taokaka is in equestria, well sort of. She has decided to tell us her story of her being in Equestria, and all the fun she had with ponies, or "Uni-somethings" as she calls them. That or "Funny Doggies".

Read on as she causes confusion, chaos, and a possible mental breakdown for Twilight Sparkle while along the way eating more candy then she should, trying to find a substitute for Litchi's (or "Boobie Lady" as she calls her) boobies and causing great pain to Celestia! This is Taokaka in Equestria!

Please note that this fic will not, in keeping with the mindset of Taokaka, be serious in any way.

Taokaka and other characters in this fic are from the BlazBlue video game series. For more information on the games and characters, look here: http://blazblue.wikia.com

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Weird and unique creatures (Pokemon) start appearing all over Equestria, from Ponyville to Canterlot. The creatures seem friendly though.
Could the appearance of these creatures have something to do with the odd comet that popped up in the sky one night?

Note:I will add more character tags as the story progresses.
double note: thank you the myth for editing this, wuv you lots bro!
triple note: the story takes place before season 3.

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Every week Pinkie Pie goes to or throws a party, and usually nothing unexpected happens.
I mean, what's the worst that could happen after a few too many drinks?

NOTE: I have never seen the film "The Hangover" so if anything in this seems similar to it then it's by complete coincidance.

Edited by DeadlyLittleBunny

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The Mane Six go on holiday and at first everything seems rather boring.

Then a Rathian attacks the village they're staying in, burning all the boats and making it impossible to leave.
As there were no other ponies in the village to train, the Mane Six are trained in the art of killing monsters.
Accompanied by Rex, a monster tamer and his pet Great Jagi Fluffy, they attempt to make weapons and armour and then to take on the main threats of the island.

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Basically this story follows the reactions of some of my favourite characters from videogames and anime when they end up in Equestria and what happens to them over the course of the story.

Cover made by DeadlyLittleBunny (Aka. Galeking on DeviantART)

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Zecora has been missing for months and Fluttershy is starting to get worried over her striped friend. Against the advice of others, she sets off alone to Zecora's hut, deep within the Everfree forest.

Now join me readers, as we delve into the world of Equestria and and watch the friendship of these two mares grow into something much, so much more.

But what happens when their dark pasts are revealed and they learn that sometimes, you simply can't ignore the nightmares.

(PS: This is a collaboration project between Ezio Dementay and LunDashScratch with the help of Vozzlefox.)

Chapters (5)
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